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Get a Scoop at Ice Cream Heaven

Ice cream has always been America’s favorite treat, but Shannon Thomas of Ice Cream Heaven is doing ice cream for the culture.

With flavors like banana pudding, red velvet, peach cobbler, triple chocolate, and other specialty flavors, Thomas says her Miami Gardens gourmet ice cream shop will keep customers coming back.

“The banana pudding ice cream tastes like real banana pudding,” she said. “I wanted flavors that you don’t typically find at ice cream shops, but that reminds you of home.”

Ice Cream Heaven has been in business since 2019. Back then, Thomas used to take her kids to get scoops at the shop, which was then owned by Elric “E Class” Prince. “I used to always frequent the shop with the kids; it was a special treat for us,” she said. “When the opportunity came to buy the company, it was a no-brainer.”

During the pandemic, Ice Cream Heaven completely shut down. No one could enjoy the treats as businesses closed due to COVID-19. Thomas felt the pressure, too, as her mobile bistro saw a decline in visits. The lack of revenue during the pandemic led Prince to sell the business. Because of Thomas’ love of the company, she was a happy buyer.

“I put all my effort into getting this company,” she said.
Thomas hosted a grand reopening on March 19, 2022, attended by former NFL football player Chad Ochocinco and City of Miami Gardens elected officials and other leaders.

She didn’t change much on the menu. “There was nothing to fix because nothing was broken,” she said. But, as a trained chef, Thomas naturally enhanced a few things.
She added specialty flavors and cakes and desserts, like the mini donuts. All ice cream is made in-house and gluten-free. Vegan options also are offered.

Ice Cream Heaven also prides itself on being a gathering spot for the community. It doubles as an event space for children’s parties, corporate events, gender reveals, baby showers and more.

“It’s a safe space for residents,” she said. “You don’t have to go to Pembroke Pines or Wynwood or North Miami. The vibe is here. The staff is super friendly and ready to make everyone feel at home; we want you to come in and stay….Take a load off and enjoy.”

The shop is also about empowering residents. Thomas partners with a local school to hire students. She says nearly all staff members are from Miami Gardens. She also hosts an Easter Extravaganza event for families and sets a portion of her proceeds aside to feed people who are homeless, as well as provide them with basic hygiene items.

Thomas is thankful for her new business venture and has received the support of many Miami Gardens leaders, like the City Councilmembers, Slip-n-Slide Records Owner Ted Lucas, former NFL player Najeh Davenport, and, among others, rappers Flo Rida, Flavor Flav, and Brianna Perry.

Ice Cream Heaven is located at 17560 NW 27th Avenue, Miami Gardens. Hours: Monday through Thursday, 1p.m. to 9 p.m.; Friday through Sunday, 1 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Instagram: @IceCreamHeavenMG
Facebook/Twitter/TikTok: IceCreamHeaven