When it comes to innovation and technology, Miami Gardens consistently invests in state-of-the art facilities, recreational programming and public safety initiatives for our residents. Our City also offers a number of educational opportunities like our ongoing STEM programs, our annual science fair and robotic STEAM competition.

Miami Gardens Metaverse

The Metaverse is a combination of two ideas, virtual reality and building a social connection in the the 3D digital world. Visit the City of Miami Gardens Metaverse and explore our virtual community, landmarks, events, culture and more!

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City of Miami Gardens - Real Time Crime Center

Through the Miami Gardens Police Department’s Real Time Crime Center our law enforcement has expanded their presence throughout the City.

The Real Time Crime Center uses a mesh of state-of-the- art technology, i.e. video surveillance cameras, automatic license plate readers, and crime analytics to help combat crime in real time. The Unit is staffed with a mix of crime analysts and sworn personnel that specialize in collecting, analyzing and utilizing criminal activity and criminal intelligence to enhance operational effectiveness.

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The Unit’s objective is to utilize technology to safeguard the well-being of our community and use collaborative and proactive approach to forecast and prevent threats to the City of Miami Gardens, while ensuring the protection of people’s civil rights and civil liberties.

City of Miami Gardens Programs Annual Science and Engineering Fair

The City of Miami Gardens in partnership with St. Thomas University, Florida Memorial University and Florida International University host an annual Science and Engineering Fair that exposes elementary school students to science, engineering and technology components that will inspire them to seek future endeavors in these and other fields of study.

To compete at the Citywide level, students must submit their science projects to their schools for judging and enlist the participation of a male in their inner circle (a father, brother, uncle, cousin, teacher or friend). The top seven (7) projects at each participating school are automatically entered into the competition. Cash prizes range from $100 – $750, including specialty awards and prizes for the parents of winning projects.

Formula 1 STEM Program

In 2022 Miami Gardens became the 11th location for the The Miami Grand Prix Formula One Race United States since the Championship began in 1950. In addition to attracting thousands of visitors, Formula 1 has a substantial economic impact on local businesses in Miami Gardens. Formula 1 works with the local community to support local businesses and the community to ensure they receive exposure to the full benefits of the race. This includes a STEM education program through F1 in Schools as well as the opportunity for local businesses to be part of the race weekend.

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STEM Programs

The City of Miami Gardens partners with various organizations to introduce students to the science, education, technology and mathematics (STEM) fields, and create educational opportunities for our youth to compete in a global world.

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